Michael Fortinberry


About Michael Fortinberry

Michael Fortinberry is the Co-Founder and COO of Protiv, a productivity program centered around managing project-based incentives. Based in New York City, Michael has had years of experience in the business world.

Protiv currently demands all of Michael Fortinberry’s attention. It was founded in October 2021 and has since worked hard to revolutionize the hourly pay system. Michael is proud of what Protiv offers, including a transformative business solution for hourly wage workers. The platform links production and compensation, transforming it from a bonus program into something far more comprehensive. Through this practice, companies will find that their employees produce quality products at a faster rate, as they are incentivized to do so. The beauty of Protiv is that it pays employees a fair price while lowering labor costs. It’s a corporation’s dream.

One might wonder how Protiv works, and Michael Fortinberry is happy to explain the process to others. Protiv allows business owners to directly link costs to production, which results in a decline in labor costs. More importantly, it empowers employees to reward themselves directly with higher compensation through their productivity. To put it another way, Protiv rewards employees with strong time management skills. It took three years of testing to get Protiv to this point, allowing the company design to evolve. 

Michael Fortinberry has always been inclined to seek out opportunities that can change the world – or an industry. One thing Michael loves, in particular, is how a ripple effect can be created through the smallest actions or contributions. This passion was a driving force behind his creation of Protiv. Michael hoped to improve the lives of blue-collar workers and anyone else. A cascading effect. Protiv also can transform business models, which was another concern Michael had in mind. Through the implementation of one business practice, Michael hopes to change everyone it touches.

Protiv isn’t the only company Michael Fortinberry is currently working with. He is the Senior Vice President of Perennial Construction Solutions, based in New York City. Perennial Construction Solutions is one of the nation’s most significant multi-family turnover and renovation companies. The business primarily focuses on process execution for large-scale apartment projects. Naturally, Michael includes the latest technology in the process to ensure the best results.

Prior to his time with Protiv and Perennial Construction Solutions, Michael Fortinberry founded Sciovia. Sciovia is a business advisory service focused on technology for construction and real estate operations. Other experience of Michael’s includes PPG Industries and EmpireCore LLC.

Michael Fortinberry has many passions that keep him busy during his free time. He regularly volunteers at the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation and has been doing so for over seven years. His part of the program helps teach children ages eight to thirteen about all the basics of sailing. Michael has also been a Sailing Instructor for the American Sailing Association. Clearly, Michael is a huge fan of sailing and works hard to share that passion whenever possible.

To learn more about Michael Fortinberry, visit his other sites, MichaelFortinberry.net and MichaelFortinberry.org.